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    All payments are made in favor of:

    1.Swift (International Bank Transfer) (for foreign currency payments) at:

    * According to instructions from the form to confirm the reservation

    2. To the account (for domestic payments) at:

    * According to instructions from the form to confirm the reservation

    3. Cash, direct with the owners

    *Total Amount for your reservation period has to be covered in first two days, during your stay.

    *For persons under age of 18, renting without their parents, is not allowed.

    The rental price includes:

    Using the Internet and other equipment and appliances in the apartment, according to the manufacturer's instructions and local taxes for tourists.

    All utilities except phone charges (electricity, water, gas, parking-if it is within the building)


    The rent does not include:

    Services that are specifically charged * are clearly stated in the text section in each individual ad on our website



    The shortest rental period is a period of three days, during a full season. Exceptions accepted only with a prior approval from apartment owner, what emediately means a price increase of 30%.

    Once you're on our website and have chosen the apartment, read the terms of additional services within each of the individual ads, which services are charged separately, on the same page, you can contact us over the form to send a request for the selected apartment.

    Once you have determined that you are happy with a recap and our calculation of rent, fill out the information in the questionnaire INFORMATION ABOUT THE CLIENT and return it to us by mail, at the address indicated on the form.


    Selected apartment in the selected period will be reserved upon receipt of your deposit payment.

    You have now made your booking apartments.

    The apartment owner will keep your reservation 72 hours in order to make the payment. Rental fee for the reserved apartment should be payed in the amount of deposit and send us a valid certificate of payment which secures your accommodation (booking) of apartments in the selected period.

    Upon receipt of a valid payment confirmation we will send you an e-mail confirmation and detailed information about the lease (booking).


    Please note that payments made by bank transfer or SWIFT can last up to 7 days, and that such payments must been received prior to your arrival.

    We own the right to change the information about the availabilty, according to advance fee payments made by request order.

    For payments through bank accounts can only accept our bank's costs.



    All subsequently selected additional services will be determined and issued by the owners of the apartments at handover of keys on departure. For additional services, payment can be made by cash only.



    Since all apartments are privately owned, please during your stay in apartments keep equipment suites and obey the house rules.

    Smoking is not allowed in the bedrooms.



    Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by her landlord or his representative, to give you handed the keys, and to a fullfill common view of the room. During your check with the owner of the apartment immediately point out the irregularities in case there are some, so you will avoid subsequent misunderstandings.

    Also fulfill with the owner upon leaving the keys,  a common view of accommodation.

    Please tell us by e-mail, fax or phone at least 24 hours in advance,  or call for  the exact time of arrival, so that we can arrange the arrival of the owner or his representative, who will welcome you, or possibly transport you as ordered. Time to which it is necessary to leave the apartment is 10.00 hours on the last day of rental, and the time of entry into the apartment 14.00 hours on the first day of the lease.

    If there is a chance, of course we will meet and ensure the apartment after leaving or entering the apartment before the scheduled time. Since we can not guarantee that the apartments will be vacant for the early arrival or late departure, we recommend that you just in case of prolonged use of the apartment, ensure hiring additional days.



    Upon arrival at the apartment it is possible to extend your stay accordint to availabilty.In case that the apartment is already booked, the owner will try and find an alternative accommodation, but there are no related thereto legal obligations. If you are forced to shorten your stay, we are forced to calculate your final price, for days of your stay, increased by 30%.



    During your stay in the apartment, APARTMENTS BJELAŠNICA recommends to ensure a travel insurance for the duration of your stay.



    APARTMENTS BJELAŠNICA commits to protecting your privacy, and third parties will not be given any information about your stay. If you want to give them to someone in special cases, the information on your stay, please let us know in advance.



    65% of the deposit will be refunded if you cancel the 20 days prior to arrival.

    45% of the deposit will be refunded if you cancel the 15 days prior to arrival.

    25% of the deposit will be refunded if you cancel the 9 or less days prior to arrival.




    In case of unforeseen circumstances that the apartment owner was unable to provide you either with well documented hire (booking) apartment ( by force), we will try to provide you with the quality of the same, or better accommodations in one of the apartments we offer. In this case, you do not have any additional cost for rent that you pay covers the cost of a replacement rental apartments.

    If we are not be able to provide you with the accommodation you already booked and the owner is forced to cancel a confirmed hire (booking) for the reasons that the owner has no influence , the amount you have already paid, needs to be refunded to you in full by the apartment owner, and in this respect the owner of the apartment , so he/she shall have no further obligations.



    In addition to the person or company that has made a reservation or rented apartments, all apartments and conditions fully apply to all persons who use the apartment.

    Companies that on behalf of its employees make a booking, are responsible for the accuracy of all information required about the people who will use the apartment.

    Persons or companies that have confirmed the rent , thereby are confirming and accept all the terms of use apartments, and all liabilities arising from them.


    APARTMENTS BJELAŠNICA shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from use of this web site, any loss or damage resulting from use of the apartment, or events such as fire, flood, natural disaster, robbery or any other criminal act.


    APARTMENTS BJELAŠNICA explicitly distances himself from the relationship and responsibility for any possible illegal actions committed by users of condominiums or persons accompanying them, and during the stay in the apartment.

    In case of dispute, responsible is the court in Sarajevo.



    Since we have done our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we would like to find out your opinion about your stay and impressions you have gained. If you want, let us know by e-mail or fax ....... we will be happy!!

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